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Instruction Pages

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Instruction Pages (IAT and Basic)

General Description:

An instruction page is designed to allow the participant to read instructions about what is coming next and then to click on a continue button to move to the next page. Instructions pages (and other non-data storing html pages such as consent pages) are designed simply to present information without actually collecting any data. Most non-data storing html pages consist of a short block of text and/or an image and a continue button which participants push to advance to the next page.

Two Types of Instruction Pages

  • IAT Instruction Pages (This is a basic html page with text and images mixed together. This page precedes the actual IAT task and contains instructions of how to complete the task along with a table with the actual stimuli images and words.)
  • Basic Instruction Pages (A basic page with just text where participants some instructions and then click a button to continue. These pages are almost identical to the consent pages, but simply contain different content-- see lastpage.html for an example)

The IAT Instructions Page and Key Things to Update…

  • The Page Title
    • (Line 4) The current page title “IAT Instructions” is displayed at the top of the participant’s internet browser window. You can edit this title to “Race IAT Instructions” etc. if you would like, or you can leave it as is.
  • The Text of the IAT Instructions
    • (Lines 24) This line contains the initial instructions for the task. You may want to UPDATE this if your task is longer or shorter than 5 minutes.
  • Category Labels
    • (Line 32, 43, 54, 58) These are the category labels for the IAT. In the sample race IAT these labels are Black (32) and White (43), and Good (54) and Bad (58), but you may want to UPDATE these if you are using different categories, for example: Young v. Old, or Self v. Other
  • Image Stimuli
    • (Lines 34-39 & 45-50) These lines tell the computer where to find each of the stimuli images for the race IAT within the common folder on the server, and displays the images within a row of a table. UPDATE these if you are not using the race IAT by putting the location of each of your stimuli images.
  • Text Stimuli
    • (Lines 55 & 59) These lines each contain a list of the stimuli words used for the Bad and Good categories respectively. UPDATE this f you are not using the Bad and Good categories, or if you have different stimuli words.
  • Task Instructions
    • (Line 63) This line displays the text “Instructions” in a header above a list of instructions
    • (Lines 65-69) These are the specific instructions for completing the IAT task, you shouldn’t need to update these unless you have additional instructions for your task.
  • Continue Button
    • (Line 75) This line displays a continue button which participants click to advance to the next task. IMPORTANT: This button is a noDataButton so it will not save any data from this page. Never use a noDataButton on a page that you would like to save participant responses or behavioral data.

Basic Instructions Pages

  • Basic instructions pages are very similar to a consent page since they are just a block of text with a continue button. See the wiki entry on consent pages or the last page instructions below for a sample…