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Video Page

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This entry covers the three components for creating a video task in a study: Sound Check, Video Creation, and Video Webpage.

It shows how to create a page with a streaming video. The entry will also describe how to include a sound check to ensure participants have sound.

Sound Check

The sound check  tests the participant’s ability to hear sound through his/her computer.

When you design a study, you can add a sound check by adding the following lines to your experiment (expt) file:

<Task id ="soundcheck">soundcheck.html</Task>

On Line 29, change "(about four minutes long)" to however long your video is.

Video Creation

Currently, you can only use video files in the .FLV format (often used on Youtube and other flash media players). Most video files are not in .FLV.

Here are the steps for converting your file to .FLV:

  1. Upload your video to Youtube.
    1. Don’t know how to upload a video to Youtube? See here
  2. Copy the url of your video.
    1. Ex.)
  3. Go to you Paste the url of your video into Step 1.
  4. In Step 2, choose .flv (under video formats).
  5. Enter your email in Step 3 and click Convert to have a link to the converted video sent to your email.
  6. Download the video from the link.
  7. Upload the video into your study directory.

Video Page

  1. Paste video.html into your study directory.
  2. In video.html, go to Line 20. Change YOURNAME, YOURFOLDER, and YOURVIDEO to your folder, directory, and video name. The rest of the line should stay the same.

Add video.html to your experiment (expt) file with the following line:

<Task id ="video">video.html</Task>

Modifying Video Presentation - MANDATORY

Video Resolution

On Line 17,  ‘460’ represents the width (in pixels) and ‘360’ represents  the height (in pixels) of the flash video. Manipulate these parameters to your preferences.

Next Page Timer

It is often preferable to hide the ‘next page’ button until the video is complete, to prevent participants from skipping over the video before it is over. In order to do this, one has to manipulate the amount of time needed before the button becomes visible.

This can be done on Line 10. ‘240000’ represents the numbers of milliseconds before the button shows up. Change the number to how long your video is. Looking at the first 3 digits (240) is a good shortcut for understanding how long it will take. In this case, 240 seconds is equivalent to 4 minutes. It is better to undershoot than to overshoot.

Ex.) If a video takes 3 minutes, that means the video is 180 seconds long. To ensure the button pops up after the video is complete, change the number from 240000 to 180000.

Modifying Video Presentation - OPTIONAL


To change the text presented to the participant, change the text at Line 13. To change the font color, change color=”#FFFFFF”. By default, it is white.

Background Color

On Line 10, change ‘Black’ to a color you would like.


Note: Neither of the attached files will work without uploading them to Project Implicit first.