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Experiment File Examples - Basic

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This entry shows how to create a basic experiment page using the file jjoy.basic example (you can download the files below). This experiment file does not using branching within its map. This means that none of the materials are randomized within the study.

You can see from the line <Study id="jjoy.basic" datagroup="research"> that this study is part of the research group.


Looking at the definitions, you can see that the example has 5 files: startpage, consent, radiobutton, lastpage, and debriefing.                

<Task id="startpage">/common/en-us/html/Instructions.jsp</Task>
<Task id="consent">consent.htm</Task>
<Task id="radiobutton">radiobutton.htm</Task>
<Task id="lastpage">lastpage.htm</Task>
<Task id="debriefing">debriefing.jsp</Task>


Following the study map, you can see that the experiment has participants complete the tasks in a fixed order, begining with "startpage" and ending with "debriefing."            

<Task id="startpage"/>
<Task id="consent"/>
<Task id="radiobutton"/>
<Task id="lastpage"/>
<Task id="debriefing"/>

Tip For most studies, some randomization is desired. For a description on how to create randomization within your study, see the moderate or advanced experiment pages.