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Consent Pages

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Consent Pages (Basic and Advanced)

General Description:

The consent page is designed to allow the participant to read about the content and risks of study then to click on a continue button to indicate their consent and begin the experiment. Consent pages (and other non-data storing html pages) are designed simply to present information without actually collecting any data. Most non-data storing html pages consist of a short block of text and/or an image and a continue button which participants push to advance to the next page.

Two Types of Consent Pages

  • Basic Consent Pages (A basic page where participants read about the study and then click a button to consent)
  • Advanced Consent Pages (The advanced consent page below divides the basic consent page into sections organized by a series of questions which more closely resemble a traditional IRB approved consent form than our basic online consent page. Additionally, this page also contains an opt-out link which participants can click to indicate their desire to drop out of the study.)

The Basic Consent Page and Key Things to Update…

  • The Page Title:
    • (Line 4) The current page title “Consent” is displayed at the top of the participant’s internet browser window. You can edit this title if you would like, or you can leave it as is.
    • (Line 24) This line is where you can specify the title actually displayed on the page (rather than on the browser window as in line 4). Right now the default is for it to display the text “Consent Agreement: Implicit Social Cognition on the Internet” in the format of a heading. You probably won’t need to update this, but you could if you so desired…
  • The Text of the Consent Form
    • (Lines 25-30) These lines contain the text of the basic project implicit online study consent form. Depending upon your IRB protocol and the contents you may at some point want to update the text of the consent form, but for most PI studies this text remains constant.
    • (Line 28) This line MUST BE UPDATED with your name and contact information as well as the proper contact information for your IRB (NOTE: <a> and links like it are hotlinks for the participant to click to send an email to the address specified. Be sure to UPDATE them with your email address and to check that the link works properly.)
  • Continue Button
    • (Line 32) IMPORTANT: This noDataButton tells the computer not to save any data from this page and just advances the participant to the next page of the study. It should never be used on a page that asks for participant responses or behavioral measures!
  • NOTE: For more specific line by line comments about what is happening in each line of the consent.html file see the attached Line By Line Comments Consent.html word document below.

The Advanced Consent Page and Things to Update...

  • The Title (line 4 and 25) See above description on how or when to edit the title...
  • Questions and Answers for the Participant
    • Questions (Line 26) This is the heading (in bold) for the first question posed: "Why is this research study being done?" You may want to UPDATE this and the other heading questions (Lines 28,30,32,35,37,39) to match the content of your consent form.
    • Answers (Line 27) Here we have the text for the answer to the question posed in line 26. You may want to UPDATE this and the other answers (Lines 29,31,33-34,36,38, 40) to match the answers from your IRB approved consent form.
  • Contact Information
    • (Line 34) UPDATE this to your name and your email address so participants can email you with questions.
    • (Line 40) UPDATE this with the contact information for your IRB office-- name, phone number, email, website, etc.
  • Continue Button
    • (Lines 41-42) REMEMBER: This noDataButton does NOT collect data! So never use it on a page that you want to collect data from!
  • Opt-Out Link
    • (Line 43-44) These lines present the participant with a hotlink they can click displaying the text "I decline to participate in this study." NOTE: In order for this link to work you will need to change it's location from "/implicit/user/emily/sample/train/optout.htm" to a location in your own study files, so you will need to UPDATE this link so that it directs to a page in your study folder-- for example "implicit/users/youruserid/studyfoldername/optout.htm"
    • ALSO DON'T FORGET TO UPDATE the actual Opt-Out page that you have included in your study folder. Right now it is set to email "Your Name" so you will need to UPDATE this link to your correct email address and you may want to update the text on the page or include a link to redirect them to another study.