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jEdit Tips and Tricks

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Syntax highlighting

Based on the type of file you are editing (e.g. XML, jsp), the code is highlighted in such a way that common attributes have the same color. This is automatic.

XML - Validation and debugging

Menu "Plugins", "XML", "Parse as XML".  This will give you a condensed view of your script by entity.  As you edit, you can refresh this by clicking the first button with a circular arrow.  An error dialog will popup if an error is encountered.

Line Numbers

Menu "View", "Toggle Line Numbers." This will show you line numbers on the left-hand side.

Word Wrap

Menu "Utilities", "Global Options", "Editing", "Word Wrap". Select 'soft' or 'hard'.This will wrap lines of codes to the next line, so you don't have to scroll to the left or right to see an entire line of code.

Larger Font

Menu "Utilities", "Global Options", "Text Area", "Text font". You can select this to change the font size of your code. This is useful for presenting code to other people.

Column-wise Selection

By holding down Ctrl-Shift (Mac: Cmd-shift) while selecting text with your mouse, you can select specific columns from multiple rows. While in this selection mode, you can edit multiple rows simultaneously.

Complete Word

Type the start of a word and press Ctrl-B (Mac: Cmd-B). The most common word with those letters will be completed.