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PI Tools: Installation Instructions

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We have selected two open-source, cross-platform tools--a text editor and a remote file system brower--for working with file types used by Project Implicit and then uploading them to the Project Implicit servers: jEdit and Cyberduck.


JEdit is Java based text editor and thus requires the Java Runtime Environment to be installed as well as the jEdit application itself; there is also one jEdit plugin that needs to be installed.  These instructions will walk you through the steps required to install all three.  


You may already have Java installed on your machine.  Visit the following URL to test whether you have it and, if not, download and install it:


Once Java has been installed, visit the jEdit downloads page to download the appropriate installer for your system: Windows users should download the "Windows Installer" while Mac users should download the "Mac OS X package". When the download is completed, open the installer from your browser's downloads menu or navigate to your browser's downloads folder using Windows Explorer or Mac Finder and run the installer.  Follow the instructions given.

jEdit Plugin

Open jEdit from the Windows' Start Menu or Mac's Application folder in Finder. Click on the Plugins Menu and select "Plugin Manager...".  Select the "Install" tab.  Scroll down and check the box next to the XML package. Once checked, the "Install" button at the bottom of the window will be clickable.  Click "Install". Once installed, the Plugin Manager can be closed.


Cyberduck is a remote file system browser that will allow you to securely access Project Implicit servers. It can be downloaded from: Choose the appropriate file type on the menu located on the right of the home page. Follow the installation instructions as you would for any application on your system. If the installer failes while installing the .NET Framework Network Profile, you may need to download and install the following: Windows Installer - and install the file labeled by system XP or Windows 6 and processor type (x86 unless you have a 64 bit machine x64). and Windows Imaging Component - and install wic_x86_enu.exe

Once the installation is complete, open Cyberduck from the Windows' Start Menu or Mac's Application folder in Finder.