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Sample Study

Sometimes it's easier to start with a fully-programmed study than it is to start from scratch. You can download a .zip file below that contains the following files. We recommend making a file in your dev2 folder called sample study, and putting all these files into it. You can then test the study using

In order to test it, please replace "USERNAME" with your user name on dev2. After you upload the contents of the folder to your dev2 account under a folder named "samplestudy," you should be able to test the study.

Each of the study pages (dropdown, etc.) come with "nag" versions, in which participants cannot continue the study unless they respond to all items. The textbox file also comes in a "validate" format, in which participants must enter a valid value before continuing. The contents of the study are as follows:

consent.htm: An example consent form similar to what is used on Project Implicit studies.

realstart.htm: An introduction page that should follow the consent form in your studies

dropdown.htm: An example of how a dropdown menu can be added to your study.

radiobutton.htm: An example of how radio buttons can be applied in your study.

checkbox.htm : An example form showing how check boxes can be used in your study.

textarea.htm: An example form of how text responses can be implemented into a study.

textbox.htm: Another example of how text can be implemented into a Project Implicit study.

radiogrid.htm: An example of how a radio grad can be used to measure participant responses.

iatraceinstruct.htm: An instruction page for the IAT. This should always be present in your study and shows participants the stimuli as well as a description of the task

iatrace1.xml: An example of how to structure a race-based IAT.

iatrace2.xml An example of how to structure an IAT to counter-balance the prior version of the IAT file.

lastpage.htm: An example of a "final" page for your study. After completing the tasks, participants will be directed to this page to indicate that they have completed the study.

debriefing.jsp: This is an example of a debriefing script that participants will see after completing your study.

stdsample.expt.xml : this is the experiment file. Use this file to change the files and organization of the overall study.

Note: you can skip through IAT test experiments using the Enter key.