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Data Access with the RDE

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Accessing Your Data - The Research Design Environment (RDE)

Research Site Studies

While study creation within the RDE is possible, most of you will create a study as outlined in our best practices.  Here are the steps to follow to submit and access your study data:


1.     Import your study into the RDE.

a.      In the Design Tab (My Library) at the bottom of the screen click the “Create” button.  A dialog box for a New Study will appear.

b.     Under Study Name, enter the study id as it appears in your experiment file in the “Study id=”  line, typically line two in your expt.xml code.

c.      Standard format for study naming is as follows:  yourname.studyname

d.     Note:  If you don’t put the id name in EXACTLY, the data query will not find any data in the warehouse.

e.      Select “Data Access Study” for your Study Type and click OK.


2.     Submit your study.

a.      Once the name appears in the design section, select the study and click “Submit”

b.     The study should now appear under the pending tab.

c.      On submission of the study, the RDE Data Manager is automatically emailed.  Unless something seems amiss (e.g., the name seems odd), the Data Manager will approve your study.  While submissions will be reviewed as promptly as possible, please do allow 24 hours for approval before emailing the Data Manager a friendly reminder to review your study.  The current manager is Kathleen Schmidt (

d.     You will receive an automatic email notification from the RDE onceyour study has been approved.


3.     Access your data.

a.      After your study is approved, it will appear under the Running Tab.

b.     Select your study and click the “Data Access” button.

c.      A “Data Selection” dialog box will appear.  For “Select Database Schema” select “Research”. For “Select Database:” choose “Warehouse”, then click OK.

d.     Then the “Database Query Option” box will appear.  The default should be “Research” under schema, and “Study Name” for the query option.  Once these are selected, click OK.

e.      Finally, a third dialogue box will appear where you can tailor your data download by Session ID or Session Date, or Download all the data.  For testing and analysis script creation, use a date or ID range to download a subset of data.  Otherwise, choose “Download All Data”.

f.      A Status window will appear as your request is being processed.  Depending on the size of your data set, the downloading process can take from a few minutes to a few hours.  If you log out before the download is complete, you will receive an email notification that the data is available for download when you next log into the RDE.  Otherwise, the download link will appear in this window.

g.     Each data request for a study should produce a zip folder containing at least 4 files:  Sessions.txt, SessionTasks.txt, IAT.txt, and Explicit.txt.  Some research pool studies will have an additional demographics.txt file obtained from the registration information.

h.     The text file names for every study are identical.  Be careful to download to a well-marked folder each time you download new data so older files are not overwritten.


Demo Site Studies


1.     Query the exact task names.  The names of the demo site studies that ran within the last year can be found here:

Older demo studies are listed:

2.     Email the Data Manager (with Brian Nosek cc’ed) to receive access.  The Manager will then give you permission to access the study.  Once this has happened, the study name will appear under your running tab with the author “STD”.  Again, allow some time for your request to be processed.


Common Questions


1. Why was “No data found at the Research Warehouse Database”?

One of two errors is probably occurring:

a.      The study_name is misspelled.  Double check the expt.xml file or query the list of current studies running.  The following link gives you a list of the research studies that were run in the last year:

Older research studies are listed here:

b.     Your data are not yet in the Warehouse.  Each night at 1 AM, the warehouse is updated with the previous day’s data up until 1 PM.  Be aware of this lag.

2.     What format is the data in?

a.      The data files are tab delimited text files.  You should be able to import this data in your statistics program of choice.  The first line of each file consists of the variable names.  Excel cannot handle very large data sets, so SAS, SPSS, or R is recommended.  What do I do with these files?

b.     For instructions on data analysis, consult the analysis entry

3.     Any additional questions, email the Data Manager, currently Kathleen Schmidt (

To Access the RDE click on the following link:


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Could you mention on how to access test data using the RDE during study development? thanks