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Advanced IAT XML

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Advanced IAT XML Coding

The PI Infrastructure allows for alteration of the basic IAT code.  The Race IAT entry provides an overview of the XML code used to run the IAT.  This entry will overview some possible alterations to the basic script to allow for word only IATs, alternate picture IATS, and self-concept IATs.

Word Only IATs

  1. Ev aluative Concepts
    1. To alter the Race IAT code to a Evaluative Concept IAT, Categories 2 and 3 need to be altered.  First change the stimulus type to “word”  Then enter the words that exemplify the Category into the Stimulus tag coding.  For a Self-Esteem IAT (example file in Words Only folder below), the concept Category Names will be changed to “Self” and “Others” with corresponding exemplars.
    2. In the Blocks section of the code, change the key assignment in the instructions to match the concept categories.  Remember the First number in the pairing definition corresponds to the top right of the screen and “I” key.  Be careful these match up correctly for all 7 blocks (or 5 if that is the case).
    3. Finally, the Results should match the correct concept pairings.  If the pairing order is “3,2” for the first few blocks, negative scores correspond to implicit preference for Category 3.  If the first few blocks are paired “2,3”, negative scores indicate preference for Category 2.

To see this in action, head to this link and run the study:

  1. Self-Concept
    1. For a self-Concept IAT the attribute categories are “Self” and “Other”.  These category exemplars are paired with the concept categories of your choice.  Change Categories 0 and 0 to the self and other exemplars, and 2 and 3 to the concept categories.
    2. The Blocks sections and their corresponding instructions should match the pairings as defined in the Category Numbers and Block Pairing Definitions.
    3. The Results for Self-Concept IATs are worded slightly differently.  For instance, an strong negative score on a Extroversion Self-concept IAT would yield the following result: “Your data suggest a strong implicit association between Other and Extroversion and Self and Introversion.”

Custom Picture IATs

To add custom images you need to alter your XML file, experiment file, and add two additional files to your study folder.  Example of these files can be downloaded with the custompics folder below.

  1. XML file changes
    1. In the actual xml IAT file, changes the concept category stimuli to the names of the images you would like to use. 

        <Stimulus type="image">brian1.jpg</Stimulus>

  1. Put the pictures in a folder entitled “images” within your study folder.
  2. On your htm instructions page, change the image source to the path of each image in your personal folder.

          <img src="/implicit/user/kschmidt/pictureiat/images/brian1.jpg" height=80>

  1. Defaults File
    1. Since you are not using standard images, you need to add an iatdefaults.xml file to your study folder.
    2. Using the template below, you will be able to run the IAT as normal with the prescribed defaults.
    3. The only change needed in the defaults folder is the source for the images (line 28) in the image_url code.

               <arg name="IMAGE_URL">/implicit/user/kschmidt/pictureiat/images/</arg>

  1. IAT Task File
    1. Since you are not using standard images, you also need to add an iattask.jsp file to your study folder.
    2. This is the javascript template for your IAT
    3. Do not make any changes to this file.
  2. Experiment File Changes
    1. A change to the Experiment File itself is also required
    2. Under the Definitions portion of the code, alter the way the IAT is called up to reference the defaults and task files.

    <Task id="iatpic1" file="iatpic1.xml" properties="iatdefaults.xml">iattask.jsp</Task>

  1. You list the task within your experiment map no differently.

To see an example custom picture seven block IAT, use this link:

**For studies with multiple custimized IATs, see special case section below. 

5 Block IATS

  1. To make a five block IAT, do not alter any of the categories code.  Reference the fiveblock folder for download below to see the template.
  2. In the Blocks Code...
    1. Delete Block 2, and renumber Block 3 as 2. (See lines 66-71 in iatesteem5.xml)
    2. Renumber Block 4 as 3.
    3. Delete Block 5 and renumber Block 6 as Block 4. (See lines 78-83 in iatesteem5.xml)
  3. In the Report Block code change the block numbers to report just 2 and 4.


An example of a Five Block IAT can be seen here:

Special Case: Studies with Multiple Customized Implicit Measures

Studies with multiple customized implicit measures require special attention because each implicit measure (say, an IAT) requires its own properties file. Use the attached properties file (iparams) and create as many versions as you have IATs with custimized images. Then edit each properties file to match the images folder in your study folder. You can use the same images folder for all your images, or use separate folders and reference separate images folders in the properties file (depending on your organization preferences). In your experiment file, your IATs should reference the jsIAT file. For example, if greenblue_gba and greenblue_gbb had one set of customized images and greenblue_soa and greenblue_sob had another set of customized images, the experiment file definitions would look like this: 

<Task id="greenblue_gba" properties="iparams1.xml" file="greenblue_gba.xml">/common/all/js/iatjs/iattaskj.jsp</Task>

<Task id="greenblue_gbb" properties="iparams1.xml" file="greenblue_gbb.xml">/common/all/js/iatjs/iattaskj.jsp</Task>  


<Task id="greenblue_soa" properties="iparams2.xml" file="greenblue_soa.xml">/common/all/js/iatjs/iattaskj.jsp</Task>

<Task id="greenblue_sob" properties="iparams2.xml" file="greenblue_sob.xml">/common/all/js/iatjs/iattaskj.jsp</Task>

Any IATs in your study that don't have customized images but draw from the common folder (e.g., race or sexual orientation) would use a separate properties file that references the common images folder. For this, use the attached [unedited] iparams properties file and reference it in the properties command in your experiment file for those IATs, for example: 

<Task id="blackwhite_gba" properties="iparams.xml" file="blackwhite_gba.xml">/common/all/js/iatjs/iattaskj.jsp</Task>

<Task id="blackwhite_gbb" properties="iparams.xml" file="blackwhite_gbb.xml">/common/all/js/iatjs/iattaskj.jsp</Task>